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October 2015 ~ Issue 1

As a first-generation Panamanian American, Sarah Taylor embraces the best
of both of her African and Latino ancestries. 

Early life experiences developed her consciousness of her Afro-Latino identity as unique and separate from the strict "Black," "White," and "Latino" labels that have traditionally defined American racial attitudes. Motivated by this consciousness and a burning desire to impact her community, specifically the Latino community, Sarah decided to apply her wealth of public service experience to the realm of nonprofit leadership. In 2012, she launched her first non-profit venture, Yo Soy Ella, Inc. which translates to "I Am She." "We are whoever we wish to be, wherever our dreams takes us; we let our dreams become us." YSE seeks to empower and mentor Latina women using a cultural, strength-based approach, integrated with spiritual guidance.

As a life-long change agent, Sarah is fueled by a passion for improving the quality of people's lives. Her passion is evidenced by her long-time commitment to public service. Sarah currently works for the Office of Refugee & Resettlement as a case coordinator for unaccompanied minors apprehended while crossing U.S. borders. For several years now, Sarah has worked directly with Latina women in many capacities relating from privileged resources such as cultural therapeutic counseling. 

For more than 2 years, Sarah worked with the State of Illinois' Division of Child Protection as a child abuse investigator. Prior to that, for 6years, she worked at the Department of Human Services. At DHS, she applied her clinical skills to serve African-American and Hispanic clients, all while challenging disparities and inequalities faced by disadvantaged populations and addressing the lack of cultural services in diverse communities in Chicago.

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