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October 2016 ~ Issue 13

As a DIASPORADICAL cultural advocate and social entrepreneur, Nati "conrazónLinares creates visibility for the world's wildest creators who are re-balancing the world. Hailing from Staten Island, New York City raised by immigrant Cuban mother and Colombian father, she is a digital nomad splitting time between the West Coast and the East Coast - the center and the edge - connecting hearts to minds with her big mouth & open eyes.

A diosa with a decade in the music biz working with artists from Manu Chao to Bomba Estereo to Los Rakas to Zuzuka Poderosa and festivals like NYC's SummerStage, she's worn various hats as a manager, producer, publicist, organizer, promoter and more. Having learned the realities and limitations of the culture industry within the Capitalist structure in her twenties, she's always worked with young women interested in the marketing field to re-balance the industry one new narrative at a time and she's dedicating her 30s to contributing her communication skills to building economic alternatives by investing in new paradigms.

"My favorite quote is by one of my sheros, the African-American playwright Lorraine Hansberry. She says: "The continents of the world met in her blood." It's how I feel as a daughter of a Cuban mom from Havana and Colombian father from the Caribbean coast - who was brought to Staten Island after they researched the "whitest part" of NYC, which in my parents logic meant the education would be the best or at least better in Jackson Heights, Queens where they landed.

I am not the origins of where I come from be them Spaniard, Arabic, Indian, Black, Cuban, Colombian, nor am I of Staten Island even if I was raised there - I am a new synthesis of all of them. A New Yorker. A New Latino. I love what writer Raquel Cepeda said: "In you is everything. Being Latino in an American, kind of new world way is basically being the physical embodiment of how America began as we know it. For me, being Latino is being phenomenal.”  Or I've dubbed it - DIASPORADICAL - a word to describe my active identity as someone who embraces this idea articulated by my amazing partner: "If I am not at home anywhere then I must be at home everywhere." I walk with that as an Afro-descendant mixed-race woman and will work to re-balance the world one story, song and new system at a time!" ~ Nati

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