Es Mi Cultura is a resource that features women who proudly acknowledge their African ancestry, while staying true to their Latina culture.

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October 2020 ~ Issue 60

Today we celebrate Es Mi Cultura’s fifth anniversary. Thank you for your continued 
support and participation throughout the years. 


September 2020 ~ Issue 59

This month's issue of Es Mi Cultura features 
"Los Hombres."

August 2020 ~ Issue 58

This month's issue is filled with a variety of Youtube videos, 
a beautiful photo spread, a list of Afro-Latinx podcasts, 
and as always links to some important content you may have missed.

Read Issue 58

July 2020 ~ Issue 57

This month's issue features Ifeanyi Elswith,  a contemporary R&B/Hip-hop artist, 
aspiring fashion model, poet, and creative from Chicago, Illinois. 
She is a first-generation Garifuna & Belizean-American that holds her culture very close to her heart. 
It is the core of her brand and what led her to create the 
hashtag #GarifunaGirlMagic; shining light on Garifuna girls and women. 

June 2020 ~ Issue 56

This month's issue showcases just some of the thoughts & feelings of our community.

May 2020 ~ Issue 55

This month’s issue of Es Mi Cultura features videos from Dash Harris,
also known as @DiasporaDash on Instagram.

April 2020 ~ Issue 54

This month's newsletter features a few AfroLatinx 
poets who share our stories via spoken word.

February 2020 ~ Issue 53

This month Es Mi Cultura spotlights Nydia Simone, Founder of Blactina Media.

Blactina is one of our favorite media outlets because Nydia provides engaging content that goes
deeper into the Black Latina experience.

With a new podcast and an upcoming retreat in the Dominican Republic, Nydia is committed to this work and Es Mi Cultura is proud to support her.

January 2020 ~ Issue 52

The January 2020 issue features two Black Peruvian women who greatly impacted 
music and the arts with their inspiring contributions.  

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