Es Mi Cultura is a resource that features women who proudly acknowledge their African ancestry, while staying true to their Latina culture.

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June 2019 ~ Issue 45

"Que lo que! My name is Giselle Duran, and I am a graphic and web designer, in addition to a content creator. I was born and raised in New Jersey, after both my parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic. Later, like several Hispanics, we migrated to Florida, where I attended high school and college. It was there that I was truly immersed in my Dominican background.
To me being Afro-Latina means proving others wrong. It means being knowledgeable and proud of your heritage, and not denying your roots when brought up in conversation. My experience being Afro-Dominican is the familiar look of surprise when I say “tenga un buen día” with a smile, after overhearing people talk about me in Spanish. It means having to deal with the looks of disbelief when you say “Soy Dominicana” and they still question after explaining what cities my parents were born in."

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