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December 2015 ~ Issue 3

Dash Harris is a journalist based in Panama. After working in news for
over four years she decided to embark on telling stories not
usually covered by the media, especially marginalized
and oppressed communities.

She attended Temple University for broadcast journalism, business & french. Dash is the producer of NEGRO: A docu-series about Latino Identity, a web-based series A docu-series that explores colonization and the historical and present day class and color complex among Latinos. 

Dash is the founder of Venus Genus, a blog that examines gender bias and female tropes and the blogger behind Diaspora Dash, a blog about the African Diaspora in the Americas. She is the editor of, and founder of AfroLatino Travel the premier travel, culture and community-building resource website for tours, trips and information on the African Diaspora in Latin America & the Caribbean through inter-exchange led by locals in their respective regions.


Dash is currently based in Panama and currently working on a documentary on young AfroCuban drummers and an oral history project of descendants of AfroAntillean workers of the Panama Canal and other infrastructure in Panama and the continental American coasts. 

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