February 2017 ~ Issue 17

"I've been a YouTube blogger for over 3 years now and it has been a fun ride being able to connect with so many people around the world! I never imagined that YouTube would create such a platform for me to be able to reach so many people. Right now I am concentrating on my YouTube channel and making sure I produce great content to inspire and motivate other people when it comes to beauty, fitness and daily struggles we all face.

It takes up the majority of my life and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I have a little baby project on the way that I am super excited about; I've been working on my makeup line for quite sometime now and I'm planning to release it in August of this year! So as you can imagine I am so hyped about that. It's something I've always wanted to do and now things are finally coming to light so look out for that!

For a long time it was hard identifying as an Afro-Mexicana because for so long Afro-Latinos weren't embraced. I'd have so many people question how I can possibly be Mexican because I didn't look a certain way. There was even a time when I stopped telling people who I was Mexican because I got so tired of explaining myself; people would constantly tell me how I couldn't be or sometimes that I was faking.

Throughout the years being proud to be Afro-Latina has become much easier because of people like Yaya Da Costa & Amara La Negra! Honestly, they are a couple of the people that I look up to because they're beautiful and their hair is kinky curly just like mine. They rock afros and show that all Latino/as don't fit a certain image that the media portrays. I'd like to one day make a difference in the media by being proud of all my roots and showing off my dark complexion and hair to let people know us Afro Latino/as exist!" ~ Linda Elaine