Specifically launched during Latino Heritage Month 2015, Es Mi Cultura is a monthly newsletter that provides readers with positive examples of women who proudly acknowledge their African ancestry, while staying true to their Latino ethnicity and culture.


August 2017 ~ Issue 23

Nicole Clark is a fun, loving, a straight shooter; a New Yorker & a proud Tica.

“I am a Costa Rican Afro-Latina, educated in the health sciences. I balance my professional life with being a mother of four beautiful, awesome kids. In addition, I am a dedicated daughter to my parents, both native to Puerto Limon, and I am the proud owner of Staxx Public Relations - based out of New York, where I’ve worked with media and entertainment industries. As a result of a recent relocation, I moved my events business to Washington DC, while maintaining my NYC ties.

I feel a deep connection to my roots and country, as the majority of family resides in the capital of San Jose. Having a great and close relationships with my family back home in Costa Rica means everything to me. I make it a point to communicate and share every aspect of my life, via social media, with them. 

Growing up in Bronx, NY, my Afro- Latina experience was challenging, for internal and external reasons. I found it difficult to express my culture, fearing the possibility of confusion and the negative reactions others would have based on my appearance. Growing up I was made to feel like I had to hide my true identity as an Afro-Latina to be accepted socially. I try my best to instill pride in my children about their heritage by telling them to embrace it and wear it with pride.”

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