Specifically launched during Latino Heritage Month 2015, Es Mi Cultura is a monthly newsletter that provides readers with positive examples of women who proudly acknowledge their African ancestry, while staying true to their Latino ethnicity and culture.


September 2018 ~ Issue 36

Cat Lantigua is a Dominican-American writer and podcaster committed to empowering women and enabling millennial greatness. Through her podcast Chats with Cat, she provides an honest peek into her journey of manifesting a fulfilling and purposeful life in hopes of inspiring her fellow millennials to embark on their own course of self-exploration. She discusses topics related to relationships, self-improvement, and interviews some of the world's most promising young creatives on their own journey's. She also shares her perspectives and personal experiences on her blog as a means of sparing others unnecessary headaches, and to spark interesting conversations!

Cat believes the most authentic way of building true connections and invoking positive change is by being vulnerable in sharing one's unique perspectives.

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