Es Mi Cultura is a resource that features women who proudly acknowledge their African ancestry, while staying true to their Latina culture.

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May 2017 ~ Issue 20

Michelle Lopez- Oakland, California. Educator, Youth Advocate, AfroLatina, Trilingual, Writer, Curly hair motivator. I am AfroBrazilian & Mexican, born and raised in Oakland.

I am proud to be Afrolatina. My mother is Black Brazilian, my father Mexican with Indigenous blood. I am proud to carry my heritage; my ancestors through my nappy hair, my freckles, my curves, my skin and the languages I speak on my tongue. Con orgullo, I will always be a representation, of my ancestors history, the strength, the courage, the intelligence, the unity, the humility and the love that represent where they came from and where I come from.

Michelle is the owner of Beautifully Mixed Clothing. "Beautifully Mixed, is a celebration of one's personal identity and ancestry. Every single person on this planet has a unique and beautiful identity, and each one of us represents a history of diversity (ethnically & culturally). Be proud. Feel beautiful."

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