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June 2017 ~ Issue 21

My name is Shavon I also go by Von I am 25 years old, Panameña, wife, marketing student and I am a Lifestyle blogger for Pieces of Von in Atlanta. I create content to inspire, motivate, and just inform the ladies of things to help broaden their minds, giving the much needed reality check, and making their life easier. I talk about the perfectly imperfect moments of relationships, food, travel, fitness, style and so much more but of course with that sazón to it! I like to keep things simple and straight to the point no sugar coating. I like to tell you exactly what you need to hear not what you want.

I didn't struggle with self-acceptance for not knowing exactly what I am like a lot of others, but I did suffer with not knowing how to handle people who did not know or understand, who judged, and always have something to say to cover up their ignorance. I am however glad I now know exactly what and who I am and that I am not alone. This for me was a mini struggle compared to others I have encountered. It has however helped me become a better women with tougher skin. I recently came out with my true feelings about being Afro Latina recently on my blog and received so much love and appreciation, because I was able to get different races and ethnicity to for once understand the truth about being Latina. I was able to do exactly what my blog was meant to do, broaden people’s minds, teach them something, and face the truth. A lot of girls thank me and for that I must keep going to speak my struggles big or small let other women know they are not alone.

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